Investing in Resources

In addition to news and commentary on the resource markets and companies exploring and producing, the Resource Investing News Network also provides you with the background you need for understanding the individual resource markets so you can make informed investment decisions.

Topics explore investing options, how commodities are priced in the markets, what makes a deposit world class, and which regions of the world host economically viable and promising deposits.

In our article titled Management, Cash, Asset Quality, Investor Base Important for Junior Investment, investment analyst Rick Mills outlines some important things to consider when looking at a company.

If you are interested in courses, EduMine (a division of InfoMine) provides a number of online courses, short courses and webcasts about investing in mining. Topics include:

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Investing in Copper
Type “copper thieves” into your favorite search engine and hundreds of articles will come up showing the lengths to which people will go to collect a few pounds of copper. Or, in the case of a hijacking in Montreal, thousands of pounds of copper. See the details here.

Copper Investing

Investing in Gold
Conspiracy theories, government intervention, international secret cabals, transmutation, mystical powers—no, this isn’t the X-Files movie. Welcome to investing in gold.

Gold Investing

Investing in Lithium

Over the long-term, surging lithium demand will require further supply increases.  Some industry consultants have forecast global demand for the metal to more than double by the end of this decade.

Lithium Investing

Investing in Manganese

The price of manganese and its various alloys are tied to steel production and demand. Any investor looking to capitalize on the manganese market should always have a watchful eye on worldwide steel demand. The outlook for steel is hopeful because of emerging economies, mainly in China and India.

Investing in Molybdenum

According to international metals and minerals research group, Roskill, moly prices will rise above $20 per pound in 2011 on strong demand. The research group also says a supply deficit in the market by 2014 is possible and may drive prices as high as $40 per pound.

Molybdenum Investing

Investing in Oil

Diversity is a strength in any portfolio. Big multinationals can anchor your portfolio with steady returns, while some exposure to juniors in different regions gives you the chance for a big score. Read more. . .

Investing in Potash

The way the potash market is controlled has led to many accusations of price fixing. The accusations most certainly stem from the volatility the market has experienced in the recent past.  During the commodity bubble of 2003-2008, potash was one of the hottest commodities surging from obscurity at $200 a tonne to a staggering $1000 a tonne.

Potash Investing

Investing in Rare Earths

Made up of 17 different elements, ‘rare earths’ are not actually all that rare in the earths crust. However, the economic viability of the processing of ore make them one of the least mined substances in the world. Understanding the different elements and their uses is essential for taking advantage of this growing market.

Rare Earth Investing

Investing in Silver

Silver is often referred to as “the poor man’s gold” because it is relatively cheap in comparison to gold, making it a much more viable investment option for many people.

Silver Investing

Investing in Uranium

Determining the spot price for uranium or U3O8 is shrouded in secrecy. U3O8 (yellowcake) is concentrated uranium oxide produced from uranium ore and is the most actively traded uranium-related commodity.

Uranium Investing

Investing in Vanadium

What makes this element a much sought after one in today’s world is the fact that Vanadium is saved from oxidation by the formation of an oxide layer, thus making it highly stable and rendering it open to many uses in the modern world.

Vanadium Investing