Audience Survey

Investing News Network (INN) readers are Internet-savvy, preferring Google to most social network platforms, return daily to the network to receive their news, and are most interested in reading about precious metals, energy and base metals.

Almost 40% said they used Google’s social media platform most frequently for investment news and content over LinkedIn (18%), Facebook (15%) and Twitter (11%).

These were just some of the results from the 2012 Audience Survey we conducted recently.

Out of those who responded to the survey, 38.7 said they visit Resource Investing News every day, with just under a quarter, 18.6%, saying they visit every other day and 15.9% coming to the main site once per week.

Of the 33 commodity groups covered by the network, precious metals (gold, silver and platinum group metals) were most popular, garnering 22.5% of reader interest, followed by energy (oil and gas, heavy oil, uranium, coal, lithium) at 17.3%, base metals at 15.5%, and critical metals at 12.9%.

Feature articles were the most popular item on the menu of editorial choices, followed closely by market news, company news and stocks.

INN readers are worldwide, but there is a clear North American focus when it comes to where they buy and sell their securities. Over half (55%) said they trade on the NYSE, TSX or NASDAQ, with most, 19.6%, choosing New York as their bourse of choice followed by Toronto at 18.1%.

INN surveys the investor audience periodically to understand trends and respond to changing investor needs.

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