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Lawrence Roulston: Why Smart Investors Are Putting Money Into Junior Miners

At PDAC, Lawrence Roulston of Quintana Resources Capital and Resource Opportunities shared an interesting take on the state of the junior mining industry. While there's been plenty of negativity surrounding the space lately, Roulston argued that things are not as bad as many may think, going so far as to state that investors should be "feeling euphoria" about the opportunities ahead.

Mining Investor Digest: Key Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis for Mining

Gold – This series of articles aims to highlight relevant characteristics of accounting for mining in order to help readers with no formal training or background in accounting gain a better understanding of financial reporting in mining and identify key issues in mining operations.

Gold Outlook 2015: Analysts Anticipate a Break from Turmoil

Gold – Analysts are calling for the gold price to be weaker at the start of 2015 before gaining momentum after the Fed makes a decision about interest rates. Read on to find out what else market watchers see coming in the year ahead.

The Osisko-Virginia Mines Deal: Taking a Closer Look

Gold – While Osisko CEO Sean Roosen has called the agreement a "natural evolution," investors and market watchers are no doubt still impressed by the company's progress and are likely wondering how Osisko was able to make such a big move so quickly. Gold Investing News spoke with Roosen to get a little more insight into the deal.

More Mergers Needed to Improve Gold Space, Fidelity Investments

Gold – Bloomberg reported that Joe Wickwire, who manages more than $1.8 billion of assets including the Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio, stated that more mergers in the gold space would help improve the industry overall. He said that combining companies could "help eliminate their respective unprofitable operations," while stronger producers could pick up high-quality assets held by weaker companies.

Ian Gordon: Who Killed the Gold Price?

Gold – The gold price may have taken a tumble, but Ian Gordon, chairman and founder of the Longwave Group in British Columbia, is watching for a recovery. As bullishness in gold reaches some of its lowest levels, Gordon, in this interview with The Gold Report says he believes that is indicative of a turn and he discusses where he has invested his money to ride the upswing.

Gold Punished Again; Scrapes 2.5-Year Low

Gold – Gold investors held on for a long, scary ride in the markets on Thursday as gold broke through $1,300 an ounce and plumbed two-and-a-half-year lows.

Ryan Walker: Tweet Retreat Hasn’t Changed Gold’s Story

Gold – Investors were shaken by the market's death-defying drop and recovery in a matter of minutes recently. But the "tweet retreat" hasn't changed the reasons why investors need gold companies in their portfolio. Ryan Walker, a mining analyst with Casimir Capital in Toronto, tells investors to look past the headlines to what underpins the market. In this interview with The Gold Report, Walker says that all that cash pumped into the economy at some point has to start driving inflation.