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Top 3 Year-to-Date Performances by Uranium Companies

Uranium – Uranium Investing News examines the top three year-to-date performances by junior and mid-tier uranium companies. Anfield Resources, Energy Fuels and NexGen Energy have all seen share price increases of 40 percent this year as they look to take advantage of the resurgent uranium market.

Myriad Equity says Anfield Resources has one of the most leverage to an increase in uranium prices

Uranium – In a recent article, Peter Epstein of Myriad Equity mentions that Anfield Resources (TSXV:ARY), "will not be unknown forever as it has one of the most leverage to an increase in uranium prices. The company has only 20 millions shares outstanding. It wouldn't take much to get this stock rallying."

Anfield Resources Receives Conditional Approval for Shootaring Mill License Transfer

Uranium – Anfield Resources (TSXV:ARY) reported that the Utah Division of Radiation Control (UDRC) has granted conditional approval for the transfer of ownership of the Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill radioactive materials license. The UDRC has also extended the license renewal deadline to allow Anfield to prepare a license renewal application for the mill.