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Antofagasta Takes Top Spot as Biggest Exploration Spender Worldwide

Copper – Juniors are usually responsible for discoveries and early stage exploration, but 2014 has seen bigger miners spend their fair share. According to a recent report from SNL Metals and Mining, 39 large miners will account for 40 percent of global exploration spending in 2014, with Antofagasta being the biggest spender of them all.

Antofagasta Holds to Copper Guidance

Copper – reported today that Chile's Antofagasta Minerals (LSE:ANTO) said that it is staying on track to meet its target guidance this year. Despite admitting that short term markets are challenging, the major miner plans to produce 700,000 tonnes of the red metal this year, according to

Chile Sees 2013 Copper Production Boost Contributing to Global Surplus

Copper – Chile’s copper output could hit a new record this year as BHP Billiton squeezes more life out of the world’s largest copper mine, Escondida. As such, the company may be complicit in tipping the global supply-demand balance into a surplus — and ultimately putting pressure on copper prices.