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Big Iron Ore Producers Debate Supply-Demand Balance

Iron – Industry giants' battle over the iron ore supply-demand balance continued this week. The most recent development came when Rio Tinto CEO Sam Walsh described the idea of boosting prices via a production cap "hare brained."

The Third Scandium Junior in New South Wales

Scandium – On Wednesday, investors were reminded that there's another scandium game in town. This week, Platina Resources released the results of an independent scoping study for its Owendale scandium project, outlining annual production of 30 tonnes of 99.9 percent purity scandium oxide with a mine life of nearly 70 years.

Uranium Mining on the Rocks in Queensland

Uranium – Queensland is no stranger when it comes to banning uranium mining. Though the metal was mined in the state in the 1950s, that ended after the closure of the Mary Kathleen mine in 1982, and uranium mining was eventually prohibited by the state's Labor Party-led government in 1989. That ban ended in 2012 when government leadership switched to the Liberal-National Party, but it looks like it's set to come back in full force.