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Car Industry Recovery Could Boost European Magnesium Demand

Magnesium – Magnesium consumption slumped in Europe last year, largely due to automotive industry plant closures and a precipitous drop in car sales. But while the European economy is still struggling, there are hopes that it may start recovering in the second half of 2013. China’s removal of its magnesium export tax should also help demand.

Removal of Chinese Magnesium Export Tax Could Boost Sales

Magnesium – China has dropped its export tax on magnesium, spurring optimism that demand from car makers, the consumer electronics industry and steelmakers will increase. Such demand could in turn push producers of the metal to ramp up production.

Tupy Secures Highest Volume CGI Cylinder Block in the World

Magnesium – Reuters reported that Tupy has received a substantial for a Compacted Graphite Iron passenger vehicle cylinder block, which will be produced Saltillo, Mexico. Production is set to begin in 2013, with the expectation that 300,000 cylinder blocks will be produced per year, which places marks this order as the highest volume CGI cylinder block in the world.