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Moly Mines Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum Project Financing Update

Moly – Moly Mines Limited (TSX:MOL,ASX:MOL) updates on progress toward the completion of the US$500M financing facility for the Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum Project.

Gold May Decline in New York on Increased China Reserve Ratios

Gold – Businessweek reports that Gold may decline in New York after China raised bank reserve ratios again, curbing demand for bullion.

Gold Set To Singe: Wolf At Our Door

    Gold investors should exercise short-term caution, as the end of a price slide for the metal is around the horizon. Then, it would be best to sink your teeth right in. The Emperor is naked. The debt of the US government is turning out to be in fact irredeemable. And gold is poised [...]

Bears Around The Corner

    Gold is in a very vulnerable position at this point. Time to buy? Though gold posted its biggest rally since October on Monday, with spot gold trading at $1,105.13, up 2.25 per cent, traders maintained that prices continued to trade sideways above support near $1080.00. Gold bugs have been advised to keep a [...]