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Boeing Battery Fix Gets Approval From FAA

Lithium – Bloomberg reported that the United States Federal Aviation Administration has approved the design changes proposed by Boeing Co for its 787 Dreamliner lithium batteries. The company can now start repairing its fleet of 50 planes which have been grounded since January and has cost the company roughly $600 million.

Boeing Plans Final Test Flight for 787, Japan Companies First in Line

Lithium – Bloomberg reported that Boeing Co. is planning its final test flight for the 787 in the “coming days.” Once the US FAA approves the changes and allows the plane to resume commercial flights, Boeing would make upgrades to the batteries with Japan Airlines Co. and All Nippon Airways Co. first in line.

Lithium-manganese Batteries in EVs Much Safer than Dreamliner Chemistry

Lithium – Boeing’s Dreamliner battery woes are casting a dark shadow on both lithium batteries and the electric car industry. However, most electric car makers use lithium-manganese batteries, which are considered much safer in terms of thermal stability.