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Can Gold Sustain The Bull Run?

Gold Investing News reports on the question of gold sustaining a bull run. What has brought on this turmoil? To understand this better, let’s take a look at the varied reasons being bandied around. * The weak US dollar has been a major driver of this year’s surge in the price of gold. However, the [...]

Focus on Gold – Las Vegas money show

Gold Investing News reports gold will be the main focus at the Money Show to be held on May 11-14th, Madalay Bay, Las Vegas. For many investors, this will be their first introduction to the benefits of investing in natural resources and why 2009 may be one of the best years for gold investing. Join us and [...]

Focus on Gold – Las Vegas Money Show

For years while the equities market was hot, many investors stayed away from gold, thinking it a poor investment.  However, given recent events, including a weakening dollar and the potential for stimulus/bailout induced inflation, many of those investors are now looking to gold as a long term safe haven. In response, for 2009 The MoneyShow [...]

Spot uranium rally finally buoys stock prices

Uranium Investing News and reports uranium market price has increased last week despite the global economic slowdown. But the bull continues to run wild in the sector thanks to undeniably strong spot uranium. And now that optimism is finally affecting uranium stock prices. The National Post newspaper likes two Canadian uranium big boys this week, [...]

Spot uranium recession-proof, say bulls

Uranium Investing News and report rebounding of uranium prices recently shows proof of bull is back in the uranium industry. Sure, many miners remain in trouble, but hopes of continued spot gains run high, bringing with them opportunities. Spot uranium prices climbed US$2 to US$55 a pound this week, according to price publisher Tradetech. [...]