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Car Industry Recovery Could Boost European Magnesium Demand

Magnesium – Magnesium consumption slumped in Europe last year, largely due to automotive industry plant closures and a precipitous drop in car sales. But while the European economy is still struggling, there are hopes that it may start recovering in the second half of 2013. China’s removal of its magnesium export tax should also help demand.

Who is going to become the “Saudi Arabia of Lithium”

Lithium – reports that the demand for the metal set is to grow as car makers increasingly look to lithium as a fuel solution, so Chile, Bolivia and Afghanistan are emerging as the giants of lithium resources.

Poor economy downplays fundamentally stable Palladium

Palladium Investing News reports palladium price has been hit hard with the poor economy. With bleak economic prospects on the horizon, over the next six months, prices of precious metal palladium will likely be near 12-year lows of $125 an ounce. The world’s top platinum refiner Johnson Matthey estimated in an interim review that the [...]