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Iron Ore Price to Drop to $140 on Chinese New Year, Lower Imports

Iron – Bloomberg reported that iron ore is set to fall through the end of March, as China celebrates a week-long New Year celebration next month. Mills opting for domestic supplies is also seen as a contributing factor to the price drop, according to Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

Moly Producers Ring In Good Times

    A draft proposal by the Chinese government that lays down the thresholds for access to the molybdenum industry is set to cheer moly producers. The Chinese New Year has brought in good news for moly producers. In an announcement that is set to benefit several molybdenum producers, the Ministry of Industry and Information [...]

Well On The Path Of A Recovery

    The festive cheer, the series of ‘good news’ reports and the stepped up buying all mean that the good times are probably back for the diamond industry. The polished diamond price research by IDEX showed that three carat and even smaller diamonds showed solid price gains ranging from 0.8 per cent to 3 [...]

Vanadium Continues To Ride On The Positive

    Vanadium prices have stablized in the first week of February, even as exploration companies report exciting new finds. January 2010 can clearly be recorded in the books as a good month for vanadium and its associated alloys. The end of the month saw the price of ferro-vanadium ending up at US$ 6 per [...]