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Indian Coal Imports to Rise by US$3 Billion

Coal – In the wake of massive coal license cancellations in India, CoalGuru reported that India's import bill for coal will increase by INR 18,000 crore, or about US$3 billion. Domestic coal supplies will also take a hit, as will the confidence of investors in the Indian economy.

Polish Blockade Against Russian Coal May End

Coal – Though polish miners have been blocking a railway for trains carrying Russian coal across the border, RT News reported that the workers may end their blockade after reaching a deal with the government to better protect Poland's coal industry. Mining union leaders in Poland are calling for an embargo on Russian coal to protect domestic companies that are "losing hundreds of millions of euros."

India Supreme Court Holds Off on Coal Block Decision

Coal – Reuters reported that a hearing on illegal coal licenses in India ended on Tuesday with the Supreme Court stating it would reserve judgement for a later date. In August, the court found India's method of granting coal licenses to be illegal, putting hundreds of coal blocks in limbo and threatening India's already precarious supply.

Fraser Surrey Docks Gets Permit to Add Coal Shipping Facility, Vancouver

Coal – CBC News reported that Port Metro Vancouver has given Fraser Surrey Docks a permit to add a coal shipping facility to its existing terminal despite strong opposition from residents, environmentalists and municipal governments. Port officials have said that there will be a ban on coal storage at the facility, and that the project will include measures to reduce coal dust that could escape from barges and trains.