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Silver Price Stays Below $30, May End the Year Down

Silver – On Wednesday silver fell below the $30 per ounce mark for the first time since October. While some modest gains were made on Thursday, there is a real possibility that silver will be a net loss over 2011. Analysts stress to stay focused on the Eurozone and Dollar Index.

Commodities Gain as Politics Stabilize in Italy, Greece

Commodities are gaining ground as Italy and Greece exert political leadership to get their finances under control. But worries about risks remain.

Dubai Downer To Stop Gold Charge

Dubai’s debt problems are weighing heavily on the global bourses, given that it has its fingers in so many pies. Many insist the scenario is very similar to when Lehman Brothers collapsed, and Dubai’s problems could well be the catalyst for the market to fall further. For gold, caught in the maelstrom and getting whipped [...]

Oil Price Peaks And Slides

Crude Investing News reports oil prices sliding and peaking at various periods. Oil prices soared higher on the prospects of a rebound in energy demand. “The market thinks the worse is behind us and that we’re heading toward recovery at the end of the year, early next year,” Fitzpatrick said. Spreading worldwide recession has ravaged [...]

Coal Sees Glimmer Of Light

Coal Investing News reports coal sees a brighter light with spring contract supply negotiations. While the result is less than half of fiscal 2008’s record price of $300 a tonne, it still points to one of the best years ever for coking coal prices and implies that Canadian coking coal producers could enjoy a better [...]

Is the bull about to make a comeback?

Copper Investing News reports copper markets rallied this year and most of the gains took place in March 2009. Copper’s first impetus in the New Year came from steady withdrawals in London warehouse supply and increased purchases by China’s State Reserve Bureau. The latest gains were fuelled by the better-than-expected U.S. durable goods report. “The [...]

Emotions play into diamond market

Diamond Investing News reports diamond prices are set by supply and demand as well as emotions. Market sentiment directs prices by inciting dealer’s actions.  If dealers think that values are going to go up, they buy at higher prices. If they think values are going to go down, they sell at lower prices or hold. The [...]

Time for good gold pickings

Gold Investing News reports gold prices fell slightly with the huge US stimulus package. Gold fell for a third straight day after US policy makers reassured investors that the economy would recover from the recession. “People have been buying gold on economic Armageddon, so to see Obama and Bernanke paint a rosier picture, I’m not [...]

Around the globe, diamond imports and exports collapse

Diamond Investing News reports weaker demand for diamonds around the globe. U.S. polished diamond imports hit a three-year low in November 2008, dropping 37 per cent to US$1.1 billion and decreasing 45 per cent by volume to a record low of 665,361 carats. Polished exports fell 17 per cent to $975 million in November and [...]

Time to dive into gold

Gold Investing News reports spot gold slipped a further 1% today. The dollar climbed overnight as investors took heart from U.S. Congress’ headway on a $825 billion stimulus package. U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan cleared its first Congressional hurdle, passing through the House of Representatives, as the Federal Reserve eyed more extreme measures to ease [...]