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Potential Oil Glut! Raymond James Analyst’s Contrarian Forecast

Oil – Stepping away from the pack, Andrew Coleman of Raymond James Equity Research is making a contrarian forecast for an oil glut in 2014. Shale oil production is on the ascent, with the United States joining Saudi Arabia on the supply side, while China's hunger for oil may be sliding and demand in developed countries remains in decline. In this interview with The Energy Report, Coleman explains his thinking and names the producers best positioned to capitalize on the turbulence ahead.

Oil Price To Touch $85 By End-2009

Crude Investing News reports crude oil is expected to double in the next 30 years. For several years, the forecasted growth in Canadian crude oil supply, primarily due to the development of the Alberta oil sands, led industry to conclude there was an urgent need for additional pipeline capacity to connect to new and expanded markets. [...]