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Gold Drops As Dollar Rises

Gold – Bloomberg reported the fall of gold due to speculation that the Federal Reserve may ease stimulus measures, while the strenghtening of the dollar thrawted investment int he metal.

Silver Prices and the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Policy

Silver – A major factor influencing rising investment demand in precious metals often referenced by analysts is the quantitative easing measures employed by The Federal Reserve in an attempt to bolster the US economy. One of the effects of the Fed’s paper-printing policies is the debasing of the US dollar, which makes gold and silver attractive safe-haven buys. A reversal in that policy could have a dire impact on silver prices.

Gold’s Rally Retreats, But for How Long?

Gold – The strengthening of the dollar and rumors of China tightening monetary policy has pushed gold prices down. Some see this as a beginning of a correction for a ‘bubble’ in the gold market, yet many analysts see a continuing positive climate for gold.