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Bob Moriarty: US Energy Self-Sufficiency Nothing But ‘Feel-Good BS’

Oil – What the "tree huggers" don't realize, says founder Bob Moriarty, is that "the BMWs they drive to anti-Keystone protests need fuel." But the pipeline supporters who expect that fuel to come from American sources are just as delusional, Moriarty asserts in his scathing interview with The Energy Report. That's why he's looking beyond North America for lucrative oil plays. Find out which international producers may be ideally positioned to supply an energy-hungry U.S., and why Moriarty believes oil should be taxed "to the limit."

Crowdfunder Symbid Attracts Oil and Gas, Solar Firms to Investment Platform

Netherlands-based Symbid is seeing a growing number of players in the oil, gas, and solar sectors tapping crowdfunding for equity investment as the price of oil surges. At least five companies in the space are looking for crowdfunding, a method Symbid says also holds potential for junior miners looking to raise cash.

Molybdenum’s Future Demand Strong from Nuclear Power Application

Moly – Investors looking to capitalize on the build-up of nuclear power don’t have to rely on uranium projects alone, as massive amounts of molybdenum will be needed for nuclear power reactors to strengthen the steel alloys used in their construction.