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Gold Price Holding Its Ground

Gold Investing News reports gold prices are holding strong in the current markets. Year to date, gold is up about 3 per cent, while other economically sensitive commodities have rallied, with copper futures up more than 50 per cent. Crude oil had reached a 2009 high of over $58 a barrel on Friday, recovered from [...]

Downward pressure on oil price

Crude Investing News reports crude price fell about 40 cents this week. Weak crude demand and rising inventories have kept prices from rising higher. Storage facilities for crude oil in the U.S. have been swelling since the end of February, bloating to a nearly 19-year high last week. The signs were clear though. U.S. fuel [...]

Propitious conditions for gold

Gold Investing News reports gold prices fell slightly while the dollar strengthened. According to analysts, optimistic investors read many recent commodity price gains and positive economic readings as an end to the downturn and are starting to unload safe-haven gold. What added to the melee was a firmer dollar, that also weighed on gold prices. [...]

Gold Price Swings After G20 Meet

Gold Investing News reports gold lost about 4% after G20 meet. “High gold prices and extreme volatility in prices are affecting us,” said Joy Alukkas, chairman of Joyalukkas Group, a leading India-based gold and diamond retail chain with 40 major outlets across the world. He said the March 2009 earnings of Joyalukkas Group had fallen [...]

Oil Price Peaks And Slides

Crude Investing News reports oil prices sliding and peaking at various periods. Oil prices soared higher on the prospects of a rebound in energy demand. “The market thinks the worse is behind us and that we’re heading toward recovery at the end of the year, early next year,” Fitzpatrick said. Spreading worldwide recession has ravaged [...]

Higher Oil: Sign Of Economic Growth

Crude Investing News reports investors see sign of economic growth with higher oil prices. “It is almost as if the market wants to see oil rally,” says Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Alaron Trading, a commodities trading firm, because of its status as a bellwether for the market. “Short term, the market is hoping [...]

Increase Risk Appetite For Gold

Gold Investing News reports gold prices took a slight dip and partly due to US budget. Feeling risky? Buy gold. It’s all about the risk factor these days, as investors square their positions following a massive rally on the stock market. For complete story, click this link. Follow developments in resource mining and exploration for [...]