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Look to 2014 for Higher Flake Graphite Prices, Says Struthers

Graphite – Ron Struthers and Simon Moores both believe flake graphite prices have bottomed out. And, though prices are likely to remain flat for the rest of the year, 2014 may bring an uptick.

Simon Moores Talks Prices and “Serious” Graphite Companies

Graphite – In an interview with Graphite Investing News, Simon Moores of Industrial Minerals shared his thoughts on Zenyatta Ventures, what investors should look for in a graphite deposit and where prices are headed. He also gave a brief overview of "serious" graphite companies that investors should consider keeping an eye on.

Flake Graphite Prices Have Bottomed: Simon Moores

Graphite – Growth potential among end-users and underinvestment on the supply side makes graphite an obvious go-long play, according to Simon Moores, manager of Industrial Minerals Data. China's consolidation of graphite production plays a role in that scenario. Now is the time to look for responsible junior graphite miners that base their economics on current (lower) prices, says Moores in this interview with The Metals Report.

Grafoid Mass Producing MesoGraf™ Graphene

Graphite – In a speech presented at the New Diamond and Nano Carbons conference in Singapore, Gary Economo, president and CEO of Grafoid Inc., announced that Grafoid is mass producing MesoGraf™ graphene, which “sets a global standard for reliable, economically scalable and reproducible graphene” that can be used both commercially and industrially.