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Canada to Cut 30% Emissions by 2030

Gas – reported that Canada’s federal government has decided to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by thirty percent below 2005 levels by 2030, an ambitious target that includes plans for the oil sands sector.

Steelhead Looks at New B.C. LNG Export Terminal

Gas – Business in Vancouver reported last week that Steelhead LNG Corp. will propose a new liquefied natural gas export facility for the B.C. Coast. Nigel Kuzemko, CEO of Steelhead, commented: We are looking at more than one site. We’re looking at both floating LNG facilities, as well as a land-based facility. We understand the markets; between [...]

Keith Schaefer Names the Last-Standing Shale Plays

Oil – Shale oil has been North America's great experiment, says Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin Editor Keith Schaefer. But in this interview with The Energy Report, he questions the experiment's success and predicts steep declines ahead, with just a few formations left to supply the market. The question is what shale play will last the longest? Read on to find out how—and when—to get positioned for the end of the shale revolution.