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Paramount Gold and Silver Releases Updated PEA for San Miguel: “Comfortable Down to $1,000″

Gold – Paramount's PEA uses a base case price of $1,350 per ounce for gold and $22 for silver, slightly above where those commodities have been hovering lately. However, with an all-in cash cost of $855 per recovered gold equivalent ounce, CEO Chris Crupi is confident the "project will fly" at current prices, and could even stand up against a slight drop.

Keep the Faith, Says Michael Fowler: Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout Once Gold Recovers

Gold – Michael Fowler, senior mining analyst with Toronto-based Loewen, Ondaatje & McCutcheon, predicts when gold breaks out, mining M&A will take off. He expects the major producers to lead the next rush of M&A.