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Silver Ticks Up, Later Falls on Fed Stimulus Announcement

Silver – While silver initially moved upward after the Fed said it will be reducing its bond buying by an additional $10 billion per month, today it has taken a fairly precipitous fall.

Silver Prices on the Rise despite Ireland Debt Crisis Bailout

Silver – In uncertain times, investors shy away from bold assets and play it safe with what they know to be solid; silver and gold. With the markets rattled over the debt crisis, silver and gold prices are rising in response.

Alaska Gold Rush Renaissance

Gold – The Alaska government’s direct support through incentives, information, and technical support provides a valuable asset for gold mining companies active in mineral development and overall investment prospects.

Fed Feeds Silver Price Surge

Silver Investing News reports silver price soaring with Feds’ recent announcement on policy easing measures. After taking a dive earlier this week as confidence rushed into the equities market, the silver price rallied to a three-week high, up 12.7 per cent to $13.44/oz on the COMEX on Thursday morning, out-performing gold. For full details of the [...]

Silver shares at bargain prices

Silver Investing News reports silver has attracted investors despite the deepening of global economic crisis. Both silver and gold have taken on a more attractive shine for investors since the new year as the global economic crisis deepens. The spike in prices has led UBS AG, the world’s largest manager of private wealth assets, to [...]