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Is a Diamond Market Supply Crunch on the Horizon?

Diamond – Independent diamond industry analyst and consultant Paul Zimnisky gave Diamond Investing News a great overview of current diamond market supply and demand dynamics. He sees prices for the gems reaching "a new nominal all-time high within the next three years."

India Not Planning to Restrict Exports of Iron Ore

Iron – The Deccan Chronicle Reported that although India is attempting to curb illegal money, the country will not restrict its exports of iron ore. According to the Chronicle, Minister of State for Steel Vishnu Deo Sai has stated that the country will still have enough ore to supply domestic steelmakers.

Indian Coal-Fired Plants Running Out of Stock

Coal – Reuters reported today that according to India's state run NTPC (NSE:NTPC), six of the country's coal fired power plants could not handle even a small supply disruption due to low coal stocks. NTPC Chairman Arup Roy Choudhury told the news outlet that coming monsoons would make it even more difficult to replenish stocks in the country.

India Puts 2.5 Percent Duty on Coking Coal Imports

Coal – The Economic Times reported on Thursday that India will impose a 2.5 percent duty on imports of coking coal, which could lift domestic steel production costs. However, the government also imposed a duty on flat-rolled stainless steel products in an attempt to give an impetus to the stainless steel industry. Coking coal is currently priced at US$120 per tonne, according to the Times.

Indian Power Plants Have Only One Week’s Worth of Coal Left, Coal India Not Meeting Demand

Coal – Reuters reported today that India, already the worlds third largest coal importer, has said that almost 50 percent of its coal fired power stations only have enough supplies to last a week. Coal India (NSE:COALINDIA) the world's largest coal producer, has not increased its output quickly enough to keep up with rising demand, according Reuters.