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Silver’s Unique Place as a Precious Metal Investment

Silver – It’s not uncommon for people to speak about the “gold to silver ratio” or describe silver with affectionate terms like “poor-man’s gold,” and though there are undoubtedly some similarities in regards to the recent bullish performance of the two precious metals, their uses are quite different—particularly in industry and technology.

Tin Trade Above US$17,300 per Tonne at KLTM

Tin – Tin dealers in Malaysia expects that Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (KLTM) stays firm.  According to the dealers the tin trade will likey be above US$17,300 per tonne as Malaysian and European buyers are expected to be active. One of the dealers is quoted saying: “The market was traded mostly lower this week, so we expect to see [...]

Aluminum Shortage Likely Without Recycling

Aluminum – According to a member of the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management set up by UNEP, Thomas Graedel, stated that if people will not start recycling, specialty metals like aluminum will soon be scarce. Aluminum is being used by the electronics industry Thomas Graedel, a professor of industrial ecology at Yale University is quoted saying: “Currently we [...]

Aluminum Surges in Iran

Aluminum – The Islamic Republic of Iran’s aluminum produce has increased to 8 percent in the first month of the new Iranian year (started March 20, 2010).  This is compared to March 20 of 2009. The news added the information: Iran has produced 25,732 tons aluminum during the last Iranian month (March 20-April 20, 2010) showing 8 percent growth [...]

Coal Supply Tightens

Coal – By Desmond McMahon—Exclusive to Coal Investing News Analysts expect coal prices to continue to rise after a strong first quarter performance with demand from China and the United States putting increased pressure on limited supply. And, The World Bank approved funding for a massive coal-burning plant in South Africa. Steel-making coal prices jumped 22 percent last week [...]

Potash Prices Skid

Potash Investing News reports potash prices on the low side. International Potash Co, the marketing arm of Russia’s biggest producer, OAO Silvinit, agreed last week to supply India with 850,000 tonnes, by March 10. This benchmark low price is about 26 per cent below a previous low, and other major consumers including China will likely [...]

A Rosier Outlook for Japan’s Economy

Aluminum Investing News reports aluminum demand has improved in Japan. Aluminum stockpiles in Japan dropped by 15 per cent in June from a month earlier to the lowest level since July last year. Inventories in Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka ports fell to 207,600 metric tonnes at the end of last month compared with 243,300 tonens [...]

China Accused of Aluminum Dumping

Aluminum Investing News reports aluminum dumping is investigated recently by Australia. Australia is investigating the alleged dumping of aluminum extrusion products by China, the world’s largest producer of aluminum, after a formal complaint was filed by a domestic producer. For complete story, click this link. Follow developments in resource mining and exploration for free. Sign [...]

Iron Market: heading for a glut?

Iron Investing News reports iron market moving towards a gloomy start. “We need to recognise the fundamentals of the market. The market would show that it does need a downward adjustment this year,” said Sam Walsh, head of Rio’s iron ore division. But given the potential for a recovery in industrial demand at some stage [...]

Oil Price Peaks And Slides

Crude Investing News reports oil prices sliding and peaking at various periods. Oil prices soared higher on the prospects of a rebound in energy demand. “The market thinks the worse is behind us and that we’re heading toward recovery at the end of the year, early next year,” Fitzpatrick said. Spreading worldwide recession has ravaged [...]