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Molycorp Shares Fall Starting Chain Reaction

Rare Earth – Shares of rare earth firms have taken a serious hit this week. The fall came as a result of J.P. Morgan downgrading shares of Molycorp to a neutral rating. However, the fundamentals of the market have not changed, and prices for the elements are still up for the year.

Gold Scams Shortchange Investors

  Nasty times are around the corner. No, we do not traffic in paranoia, but whenever any institution gets large enough to single-handedly affect a given market, especially that of gold, conspiracy therorists rush in to stake a claim. Could they be true? What if one of them is bang on? Every gold bug would [...]

Gold Price To Jump Or Stay Flat?

Gold Investing News reports gold rallied around $934.50 an ounce. “All indications are that deflation has been successfully fended off, so far, at least,” says the Curious Capitalist blog at Time magazine after Thursday’s strong US consumer-price data. “The weakening US Dollar from 2002-2008 led to higher global liquidity and higher asset prices like stocks,” says [...]

Coal Prices: Only Way Up

Coal Investing News reports coal prices are at the bottom however with the credit markets working, the only way is to go up. While US President Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade anti-emissions policy may sound scary for coal, Joy Global CEO Mike Sutherlin is not nervous and looks to China for huge demand. China is “doing everything right” with [...]