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Japan Grants Preliminary Approval for Two Reactor Restarts

Uranium – RT News reported this morning that Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority has given its preliminary approval regarding the restart of two reactors at the Sendai power plant. Prior to the Fukushima plant disaster, the country generated a third of its electricity from nuclear plants, according to RT News.

Japanese Oil Tanker Explosion

Oil – The Guardian reported today that an oil tanker exploded off the coast of Japan on Thursday. The accident left four people severely injured and one person missing, according to the Guardian.

Japanese Law Makers Looking for Gas From Russia

Gas – Bloomberg reported that a group of lawmakers in Japan is lobbying the government for a $5.9 billion natural gas pipeline from Russia to Japan following a major gas deal between China and the former Soviet nation. The efforts come as Japan attempts to find cheaper energy sources, according to Bloomberg. As quoted in the publication: [...]