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Juniors Driving Graphite Industry’s Future, Says Moores

Graphite – In a recent article for Industrial Minerals, Simon Moores explains that although private graphite producers have largely not enjoyed the sector's recent influx of junior companies, those juniors are improving the industry by encouraging competition and continual improvement while also pushing the search for new markets and demand.

Sprott’s Michael Kosowan Asks: Are You Swayed or Afraid?

Gold – Many investors are wondering if the words "gold" and "opportunity" can coexist in the same sentence. Michael Kosowan of Sprott Global Resource Investments answers with a resounding "yes." He believes in the Pareto Principle—80% of the gain is derived from 20% of the stocks—and that contrarians will be rewarded in this "wonderfully miserable market." To find that 20%, Kosowan outlines the criteria he uses when sizing up a junior mining company.