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Ebola Outbreak Hurting West Africa’s Iron Ore Companies

Iron – Low iron ore prices and the recent Ebola outbreak are causing big problems for West African companies focused on the metal. Is there any way for investors to escape unscathed?

Sandstorm Gold’s Nolan Watson on the Future of Streaming and Royalty Companies

Gold – Hot on the heels of the Sandstorm/Franco-Nevada streaming deal for True Gold Mining's Karma project, Gold Investing News spoke with Nolan Watson for the inside scoop on changes with streaming and royalty companies.

Rio Tinto’s Subsidiary Stripped of Significant Rights, Papua New Guinea

Copper – reported today that Bougainville Copper Limited (ASX:BOC), a subsidiary of Rio Tinto (LSE:RIO, ASX:RIO) operating in the autonomous region of Bougainville within Papua New Guinea, has seen many of its rights stripped after the passing of a new bill in the region on Friday morning.

Is a Diamond Market Supply Crunch on the Horizon?

Diamond – Independent diamond industry analyst and consultant Paul Zimnisky gave Diamond Investing News a great overview of current diamond market supply and demand dynamics. He sees prices for the gems reaching "a new nominal all-time high within the next three years."