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Chris Berry: Challenges Remain for Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers

Lithium – Chris Berry, president of House Mountain Partners and co-editor of the Disruptive Discoveries Journal, published a note that looks at the recent hype surrounding lithium-ion batteries. In it, he points out that manufacturers don't have it quite as easy as some enthusiasts believe.

Lithium Demand Will Grow Faster Than Bulls Imagine

Lithium – Peter Epstein weighs in on the lithium market in light of the recent commotion surrounding Tesla's gigafactory. In particular, he shares his thoughts on Pure Energy Minerals and Dajin Resources.

Tesla Batteries Already ‘Sold Out’ Through Mid-2016

Lithium – During Tesla Motors' Q1 conference call on Wednesday, there was still plenty of excitement over the company's recent announcement of its new suite of rechargeable batteries. CEO Elon Musk stated that response to the battery announcement has been "crazy off the hook," with 38,000 reservations for the Powerwall and 2,500 reservations for the higher-capacity Powerpack.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence on the Scale of Tesla’s Gigafactory

Cobalt – The latest update from Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence took a look at satellite images of Nevada that give an idea of the scale of Tesla Motors' (NASDAQ:TSLA) new gigafactory near Reno. The company is currently building phase 1 of its plant, and at just 20 percent of the overall size of the finished plant, phase 1 will be the largest lithium-ion battery plant in the world.

Tesla’s Weak Q4 Results: Should Lithium Investors Worry?

Lithium – On Wednesday, Tesla Motors released its Q4 and full-year results for 2014. The financials were underwhelming, and given how closely the stock's performance is tied to sentiment for the lithium, graphite and cobalt spaces, investors in mining companies focused on those metals might be a tad worried.