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Silver Mining in Canada

Silver – Canadian silver production came to 646 tonnes in 2014, and the country is the 10th-largest producer of the metal in the world. While mines in Ontario and Quebec produce most silver in Canada, exploration is taking place British Columbia, Nunavut and Yukon.

North Arrow Minerals Hits a Bump with Bulk Sample Valuation

Diamond – Valuation results for the bulk sample from the Q1-4 kimberlite at North Arrow's Qilalugaq diamond project in Nunavut were not as good as expected. However, according to President and CEO Ken Armstrong, all is certainly not lost for the company, which still has other promising projects and cash in the bank.

Federal Budget 2015 Invests in Mining Industry Essentials and Renews Funding for Programs

The Mining Association of Canada welcomed news that the federal government's Budget 2015 would allocate funds to key areas in relation to the mining sector including environmental assessment, the Major Projects Management Office, Aboriginal education and training, and geoscience. The budget also included a number of initiatives that were helpful to Canada's mining space.