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Gold Prices Higher on Federal Reserve Chairman’s Remarks

Gold – Gold prices started off the week trading higher based on Monday’s news that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes the United States' economy has to grow more quickly to reduce the unemployment rate. Overall, spot market gold prices have appreciated slightly by about 0.7 percent this week.

Gold Prices Increase on Bank of England Rate Decision

Gold – The Bank of England preserving its official Bank Rate paid on reserves at 0.5 percent helped the spot market price of gold to climb to $1747.50 per troy ounce. Gold prices were further supported by the Bank's vote to inject another 50 billion pounds into its financial system along with news of Greek leaders finally negotiating a deal on fiscal reforms.

Can Gold Help to Resolve the Eurozone Debt Crisis?

Gold – Debate over the potential of extensive gold reserves held by central banks to resolve the euro zone's economic problems have been pervasive in recent months just as fear of exposure to the sovereign debt crisis has grown. In fact, reports of the German central bank liquidating some of its gold reserves for the first time in almost a year have surfaced, selling 150,000 troy ounces in October.