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Kootenay Silver Inc. Announces Drill Results from Promontorio Silver Project

Silver – Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSXV:KTNV) released the results from its Promontorio Silver Project in Sonora, Mexico. The first eight holes of the program were drilled and significant results include 47 Meters of 62 gpt silver eqv including 17 meters of 94 gpt silver eqv (47 meters grading 31 gpt Silver and 1.32% Pb+Zn) and (17 Meters Grading 48 gpt Silver and 2.0% Pb+Zn).

Silver Prices and India’s Monsoon Season

Silver – India’s 2011 Monsoon Season may have a significant impact on silver prices in 2012. A healthy crop season would mean robust demand for physical silver from India’s rural farmers, contributing to a strong price rally in January through April of 2012.

Solar Photovoltaics Market Growth Tied to Future Silver Prices

Silver – Silver’s ability to efficiently conduct electrical and thermal energy makes it a key raw material in solar energy applications. Recent reports show that the future of silver demand may be in part tied to the development and growth of the clean tech and renewable energy markets.

Silver Prices and The Great Recession 2.0

Silver – The current economic climate in the western hemisphere is reminiscent of the 2008 Crash and the understandable fear that we’re heading into the Great Recession 2.0 has investors seeking safe haven assets. What will happen to silver prices if the current economic crisis spirals into a repeat of 2008?

US Economy Struggles as QE2 is Set to Expire

Silver – Ahead of employment data to be released June 3rd, jobless claims rose by an unexpected level. The struggling economy and the expiration of QE2 are factors on the minds of investors. A weak dollar and troubling economic data may support silver going forward.

Silver Prices Continue to Slide

Silver – The price of silver fell on Wednesday after making modest gains early in the trading week. After last week’s tremendous downfall, the downward pressure on price is being attributed to the improving US dollar, fall of oil prices, as well as momentum plays by speculative investors. Yet not all have soured on the white metal.

Silver Gains Ground towards $41 Highs

Silver – Silver made moderate gains today, regaining some of the ground lost on Tuesday after the pull back from the $41.37 per ounce high. The price of silver is mostly driven by continuing factors of loose monetary policy and inflationary fears. Concern is mounting in the market that precious metals are over valuated and are set to fall.

Silver Prices Headed for a Correction?

Silver – Silver’s impressive rally over the last five weeks is no doubt a reflection of investor demand for safe haven assets in times of political and economic uncertainty. Many analysts are still bullish in the medium to long-term, but advise investors to stay cautious in the short-term and heed silver’s seasonal cycle, warning of an upcoming pullback in precious metals prices.