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European Roadblocks for Shale Gas Extraction

Gas – The comparatively high population density of Europe could mean that shale production will run into local opposition because of the way drilling might disrupt communities, and the way that prohibitions could target the pollution associated with drilling processes.

Gas Prices to Increase Slowly

Gas – Prices are expected to rise, initially pushed higher by increased gas demand for cooling, as Senior Meteorologist Joe Bastardi of predicted this summer to be the “hottest summer since 2005 for much of the nation” and later from increased demand in industrial and power generation.

Palladium Precious Metal 2010 Downfall – Natixis Analysis

Palladium – Natixis Commodity Markets has warned investors and miners of the fast depletion of precious metals due to the heavy production and use. The Global market analyst group thinks of the downside in Palladium use since although there was a balanced state of supply last year, 2010 has proven to be a modest deficit year for [...]

Rio Tinto Restarts Iron ore Expansion with $400M Investment

Iron – Rio Tinto Ltd (RIO:ASX) has announced the continuation of the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) operations programme to increase its annual concentrate capacity by four million tonnes to 22 million tonnes by 2012. IOC Chairman and Rio Tinto chief executive, Iron ore Sam Walsh is quoted saying: “Some uncertainty and potential volatility remain about global economic [...]

South Africa Negative on 2010 Coal Export Goal

Coal – South Africa will not be able to reach its 65 million tonnes of coal exporting expectations for 2010 due to the transport strike that has crippled rail and ports. This is according to the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT). RBCT Chief Executive Raymond Chirwa is quoted saying: “On average we could be receiving 1.3-1.4 million tonnes per [...]