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China’s Weakening Hold on the Global Rare Earths Market

Rare Earth – China was once responsible for over 90 percent of global rare earths production, allowing it to restrict exports and manipulate prices. However, following a WTO ruling against that practice earlier this year and moves to crack down on illegal mining, China's share of global rare earths production could be dropping.

Lynas Reports Increased Revenues, but Still Drawing Skepticism

Rare Earth – The share price of Australia's Lynas Corporation is down 75 percent year-to-date, so investors were no doubt happy to see some positive news in the company's first-quarter results. But although Lynas reported a respectable increase in both revenues and production, also decreasing its operating costs, it's still facing some struggles.

Charging Ahead: NioCorp Developments Releases Updated Resource Estimate

Rare Earth – NioCorp released a string of high-grade drill results over the summer, and on Monday it put out the latest updated resource estimate for its Elk Creek niobium deposit in Nebraska. All of that hard work seems to be paying off, as the development-stage company's stock is up 360 percent so far this year.