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Silver Mining in Canada

Silver – Canadian silver production came to 646 tonnes in 2014, and the country is the 10th-largest producer of the metal in the world. While mines in Ontario and Quebec produce most silver in Canada, exploration is taking place British Columbia, Nunavut and Yukon.

Silver Price Takes a Hit; Teck Mulls Sale of Silver Streams

Silver – The silver price took a hit this week on the back of a Greece-driven stock market rally. Companies active in the space include Teck Resources, which reportedly said it "could sell silver streams from its mines to increase liquidity."

Silver Standard to Take 8-percent Stake in Golden Arrow Resources

Silver – Golden Arrow Resources received a vote of confidence from miner Silver Standard Resources on Wednesday. The two companies have entered into a subscription agreement under which 1,500,000 common shares of Golden Arrow will be issued to Silver Standard in exchange for shares of Pretium Resources.