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Silver Prices and India’s Monsoon Season

Silver – India’s 2011 Monsoon Season may have a significant impact on silver prices in 2012. A healthy crop season would mean robust demand for physical silver from India’s rural farmers, contributing to a strong price rally in January through April of 2012.

Silver Prices at $30 in 2011, says GFMS

Silver – London-based research consultancy GFMS sees the price of silver hitting $30 an ounce on rising investment demand, which may reach a record high of over 210 million ounces, a net value of $4 billion, in 2010.

Silver Takes Cues From Copper

Silver Investing News reports silver price rallied up to 27% ending in a high for this year. The price of silver has been buoyed up not only by stronger gold prices and a weakening dollar, but also from recent bullish copper prices. As an industrial metal, silver often takes cues from the base metal market [...]