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Tight Supply of Palladium Expected for 2011

Palladium – The tight supply of palladium in 2011 will encourage higher prices for the metal over the course of the year. Russian state stockpiles are rumored to be dwindling and may run out because of the increased industrial demand for the metal. In South Africa the ability to increase production is hampered by a lack of reliable electricity. These factors play into the rising expectations for palladium prices in 2011.

Governments Discuss Strategic Minerals Policy as Rare Earth Supply Chain Tightens

Rare Earth – As lawmakers in the UK and the EU hold hearings over strategic minerals policy, the rare earths supply chain continues to tighten. The Chinese Society of Rare Earths predicts that China will become a net importer of rare earths, and rumors of a Chinese rare earth stockpile are becoming a reality.

Demand Bouncing Back

Iron Investing News reports the global commodity market is bouncing back. BHP, the Anglo-Australian company’s involvement in the full range of mining, from iron ore to diamonds to coal, gives it a broad take on the overall state of the commodities market. Last November, BHP Billiton was forced to defer delivery of 6 million tonnes [...]

Lead and Zinc join base metal rally

Lead and Zinc Investing News report zinc and lead prices join the base metal rally. The metal used to galvanize steel touched a four-year low of $1,038 on Dec.12, after reaching $2,900 earlier last year. LME zinc stocks have declined, falling to about 10 days’ worth of consumption. Much of the LME stock has been [...]

Increased production Hinges on new mineralized zones

Gold Investing News reports San Gold, an emerging gold producer is steadily building its production portfolio through continued exploration success on its Rice Lake project, Manitoba. The company currently has reserves and resources established in five mineralized zones on its property. Two of these zones are currently in production at a rate of about 320 tons per [...]

Iron Market: heading for a glut?

Iron Investing News reports iron market moving towards a gloomy start. “We need to recognise the fundamentals of the market. The market would show that it does need a downward adjustment this year,” said Sam Walsh, head of Rio’s iron ore division. But given the potential for a recovery in industrial demand at some stage [...]