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Back In The Black

Coal Investing News reports fundamental to its Chinese economy is coal. Coal is heavily linked to other commodity prices, most notably in its use during steel smelting, and coal prices have now risen 30 per cent from their low in March. “For the second half of 2009, there are still risks of tight coal supply,” said [...]

Oil Price Peaks And Slides

Crude Investing News reports oil prices sliding and peaking at various periods. Oil prices soared higher on the prospects of a rebound in energy demand. “The market thinks the worse is behind us and that we’re heading toward recovery at the end of the year, early next year,” Fitzpatrick said. Spreading worldwide recession has ravaged [...]

South Parse: October 15

Gas Investing News reports natural gas futures is within a range of $7.25-$7.50 which is good news for investors since winter is approaching. Structural factors suggest that natural gas will become dearer in winter, especially if the current low prices have a significant effect on high-cost or marginal production. This seems to be the rationale for the rise in [...]

South Parse: CNG is what I see

Gas Investing News reports natural gas futures is still sliding below the $7.00 mark on the NYMEX. Money quote: From the bull market high of 470 in June this year, the index has fallen 40 per cent. That puts this energy bear market in a league with the index’s worst bear market declines, in 1998, [...]

South Parse: Interesting times

Gas Investing News reports Shell and the Iraqi government putting on paper, a joint venture deal. In even better news, Shell opened a new office in Baghdad, a good sign that the country is beginning to find stability. Shell employees, however, refused to indicate where their office was. For complete story, click this link. Follow developments in [...]

Benchmark: OPEC

Crude Investing News reports oil traders had an exciting period over the last couple of weeks. A huge bite has been taken from oil prices, with barrel price dropping below US$110, and looking to approach the $100 mark. The ramifications will be variegated, but expect two important news pieces to come out this week. For complete story, [...]