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Lithium-manganese Batteries in EVs Much Safer than Dreamliner Chemistry

Lithium – Boeing’s Dreamliner battery woes are casting a dark shadow on both lithium batteries and the electric car industry. However, most electric car makers use lithium-manganese batteries, which are considered much safer in terms of thermal stability.

Lithium’s Long Term Competitive Advantage

Lithium – The question is not one of absolute feasibility; the question is one of economics and performance in the sense that how much more might it cost you to avoid lithium and REEs, and how much poorer performance will the resulting vehicle have.

A Healthy Appetite For Risk

Lithium – Risks are an integral part of investing, from green technology to mining exploration. True bargains are found during periods of uncertainty. It is often said that crisis equals danger plus opportunity. Investing successfully often begins during a period of market volatility by identifying risks and recognizing opportunities.