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Uranium Fuel Substitute Potential

Uranium – With the world progressively sensitive to global warming, the news that 2010 was a record year for greenhouse gases levels was yet another undesirable milestone. The thorium fuel cycle, with its potential for breeding fuel without the need for fast neutron reactors, holds some potential in the long term sustainability of nuclear energy.

Thorium: Rare Earth Liability or Asset?

Rare Earth – The production of rare earth oxides creates radioactive waste in the form of thorium. This material is considered a liability in the processing of rare earths. However, science is quickly developing ways to use the material as nuclear fuel, either in next generation nuclear facilities, or as a substitute to uranium. There are many benefits to switching to thorium as the main fuel for nuclear power.

Thorium a strong rival

Uranium – The Australian reports revival of  thorium in the recent months. BULGARIA is building a 1000 megawatt nuclear power station. Last month, Egypt announced it was opening international bidding for a 1200MW nuclear plant on its Mediterranean coast. For complete story, click here.