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Rio Tinto’s New Attempts

Iron Investing News reports Rio Tinto’s new attempts securing its supply of iron ore. The head of Rio Tinto PLC is trying to repair his company’s troubled relationship with China following the arrest of four Rio executives in a corporate espionage scandal and the collapse of a US$19.5-billion investment deal with a state-backed Chinese mining [...]

The Rise & Rise Of Tin

Tin Investing News reports tin prices have been rallying for the past few months in its highs and lows. An estimated 11.2 per cent fall in Indonesian tin exports in July to 8,778 tonnes, helped support the market, though exports for the first seven months of the year from the world’s second biggest producer of the [...]

Chinese economy: Post-Olympic recovery

Iron Investing News reports demand for steel in summer was down due to heat, heavy rainfall and the Olympics in China. Many analysts believe the recent drop in the Chinese steel market is indicative of slowing economic growth and the end of the commodities boom, which could spell trouble for raw material companies like Rio [...]