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Brent Cook Talks Junior Mining Stocks

Gold – The Canadian Investor Conference took place in Vancouver this past weekend, and attendees packed in to hear from Brent Cook of Exploration Insights. The newsletter writer shared his thoughts on the lack of discoveries in the metals space and answered a steady stream of questions about mining stocks.

Dundee Securities Ups Price Target for Dalradian to $1.50

Gold – Last week, Dalradian Resources received C$8.6 million in proceeds from the exercise of roughly 96.5 percent of 10 million warrants issued last February. The company sees the exercise as "a strong vote of confidence from Dalradian’s warrantholders," and analysts at Dundee Securities seem to agree.

13 Companies That Announced Equity Raises Last Week

Gold – According to the Weekly Dig from Haywood Securities, 12 companies announced equity raises of at least $500,000. It's no surprise that gold miners made up the majority of the list, but companies from the uranium, copper, silver and lithium spaces are also on it.

Louis James: If You See Fear in the Future, ‘You Have to be Bullish on Gold’

Gold – "If you honestly believe that Obama has saved us all, and the economy's going to be great ... Europe is going to get its act together and everything's going to be fine, maybe gold's not for you," said James. "But if you're concerned about these things ... then you have to be bullish on gold."

6 Gold Stock Picks from Louis James of Casey Research

Gold – Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is currently taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center. Here's a look at some of the gold stocks mentioned by Louis James of Casey Research in a presentation there.