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Take Heart, Silver Bugs — It’s a Great Time to Buy

Silver – So said Todd Horwitz, author and founder at Average Joe Options, in a recent interview with Bloomberg. It's a path certainly worth considering given the white metal's recent price drop.

Will Silver’s Topsy-Turvy Week End on a High Note?

Silver – Silver saw a wide range of movement this week, but was able to close Thursday at $20.03 per ounce. Will the white metal be able to end the week on a high note?

Gold Crybabies Are Born to Lose, Says Lawrence Roulston

Gold – Geologist, engineer, Midas-touch investor and financial newsletter publisher Lawrence Roulston has little patience for investors without the nerves to hold onto a good thing during tough times. Gold has been the main embodiment of value for thousands of years, Roulston points out, so why should tomorrow be different? In this interview with The Gold Report, Roulston has some tips on how to double down on gold investments and wipe away the tears.

David Morgan: ‘The Silver Bottom Is In: Time to Hold, Add and Ride It Out’

Silver – When the bulls are running for the doors, that is a sign that we have hit bottom and wise investors should hold on to their portfolios for the ride up, says Editor David Morgan in this interview with The Gold Report.

November US Jobs Data May Boost Silver Prices

Silver – Silver slipped below $19 to hit $18.93 earlier this week, but some analysts believe that the Friday release of official US November employment data will help the metal turn itself around.