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3 Rare Earths Companies Up Over 40 Percent Year-to-Date

Rare Earth – Like the rest of the commodities market, the rare earths sector is definitely less exciting now than it was a few years ago. However, that isn't to say that rare earths miners have gone away completely. In fact, some have even seen share price rises in 2014.

Here are last weeks top gainers in the mining sector on the TSXV.

Metallurgical Test Work Advances at Namibia Rare Earths’ Lofdal Project

Rare Earth – Namibia Rare Earths Inc. (TSX:NRE,OTCQX:NMREF) reported additional results from ongoing metallurgical test work on the Area 4 heavy rare earth deposit on the Lofdal Rare Earths Project in northwestern Namibia. Calibration tests confirmed potential of XRT sorting to achieve 50% mass reduction with 85-90% recovery of rare earths.

Namibia Rare Earths Inc. – Developing District-Scale Heavy Rare Earths in Namibia

Namibia Rare Earths Inc. (TSX:NRE) has a 100% ownership stake in the Lofdal Rare Earth Project in Namibia, Africa. Recent resource estimates completed on the project have in-situ value of roughly one billion dollars for the REE deposit. The exceptional level of heavy rare earths elements puts the Lofdal project in a class by itself, and is considered the largest REE resource outside of China.