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Canada Carbon’s Graphite Suitable for Nuclear Applications, Says Evans Analytical

Canada Carbon (TSXV:CCB) announced that test results confirm that the graphite from the Miller property in Quebec is suitable for use in nuclear applications. Canada Carbon has been in discussions with senior scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory which is working with Idaho National Laboratory and other government agencies towards the design and development of high-temperature, gas-cooled, graphite-moderated nuclear reactors, under a program supervised by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Evans Analytical is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory nuclear graphite assessment program's preferred laboratry, and according to VP for Purity Survey Analysis Services, Karol Putyera, said, "these purity results for natural graphite are comparable to the purest natural graphite samples I have assayed, and compared to results published around the world.”

Municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus Approves Canada Carbon’s Development Plans for Mill on Asbury Site

Graphite – Canada Carbon (TSXV:CCB) reported that the municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus officially approved the Company's intention to proceed with the redevelopment of the mill complex on the Asbury site. This approval makes Canada Carbon eligible to apply for the Province of Quebec's economic development grants.

Canada Carbon Takes Legal Action to Address Stockhouse Posters and Receives an Apology

Graphite – Canada Carbon Inc. (TSXV:CCB) announced it has taken legal action to address the false and malicious comments published on the in 2013 and 2014 by anonymous posters. While the company does not take such action lightly, it felt it was necessary to protect its reputation and has reached an agreement with the poster, Paul K. Cooper.

Canada Carbon Clarifies Disclosure on Corporate Presentations

Graphite – Canada Carbon Inc. (TSXV:CCB) clarified disclosure in its corporate presentations dated January 2015 and February 2015, which may have contained misleading information. The Company also announced that it will contract Tetra Tech WEI Inc. to complete a Preliminary Economic Assessment on the Miller Graphite Project. Canada Carbon is also in the process of applying for the required permits for the extraction of graphite and marble, and has started the permitting process to operate a graphite milling operation on the Asbury graphite project.

Canada Carbon Begins Re-Permitting Process for Asbury Graphite Mill

Graphite – Canada Carbon (TSXV:CCB) announced that is has commenced the re-permitting process for the graphite processing mill in the Asbury Project. The permit expired in 2000. Canada Carbon anticipates written approval from the Municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus, shortly. The Company is also in talks with the Municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus, the (region) MRC (Municipalités Régionales de Comté), and the Province of Québec’s MERN (Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources Naturelles) and MDDELC (Ministère du Développement Durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les Changements Climatiques), to determine the required permits and approvals which would be associated with re-commissioning the historic Asbury mill site.