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Palladium prices stable after market rally

Palladium Investing News reports spot market for palladium remained unchanged on NYMEX after the markets rallied. Palladium is currently trading for a bid/ask price of $197.00/205.00: this is unchanged from October 13.08, when the Dow Jones climbed 936 points. The Dow Jones ceased its dizzying climb today as investors stepped back: Ed Yardeni, who performs investment strategy [...]

Zinc and lead spot prices rally

Zinc Investing News reports there is positive developments with zinc and lead prices this week. Today, non-LME spot prices for lead and zinc were up, showing increased investor confidence in commodity investment. For complete story, click this link. Follow developments in resource mining and exploration for free.Sign on to the Resource Investing Newsletter.

Zinc & lead remain stable as markets rise

Lead Investing News reports zinc and lead prices remain stable as the US law makers design a revised bail-out plan. As the two sides, Republican and Democrat, started to agree on provisions to the plan that are agreeable to both parties, the Dow Jones rose dramatically, by more than 300 points. The world markets are all on tenterhooks [...]

Palladium spot prices tumble by 3.14 percent

Palladium Investing News reports spot prices for palladium fell as the US law makers made a decision on the financial bail out. While there are many analysts who feel that the proposed 700 billion dollar deal is counterproductive, more still believe that failure by the U.S. government to intervene and assist failing banks will result [...]