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Zambia Won’t Raise Mining Royalty to 20 Percent

Copper – Roughly four months after Barrick Gold halted operations at its Lumwana mine in Zambia due to higher royalties in the country, the government is set to change its decision on the royalty hike. Zambia’s cabinet has approved a proposal to drop the rate increase, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Zambia to Drop Mining Royalty Increase

Copper – The Wall Street Journal reported that Zambia's cabinet has approved a proposal that would see a recent hike in mining royalties dropped. Announced last October, the new royalty rules required companies to pay a 20 percent royalty on open pit mining operations, up from 6 percent, while royalties for underground mines would rise from 6 percent to 8 percent.

Ian Parkinson of GMP Securities: Copper Prices Need to Move Higher

Copper – Ian Parkinson, an equity research analyst at GMP Securities, shared his views on the copper market at the 2015 AME BC Mineral Exploration Roundup. He made several interesting points regarding what's been bringing the red metal down and shared a few factors that he sees affecting prices going forward.